I'm a Salesforce Senior Developer and Architect with Silotech Group, Inc. I live in New Boston, NH with my wife and three sons.



Stephen Judd

Grandmother, 105, in place of bride's mother

She passed when she was 106.

Stephen Judd

Woman, 104, has part in wedding

She may have been 104 or 105, but my great-great-grandmother must have been one tough NH farm girl!

Stephen Judd

On the move again (5)

03/31/2019 - New Boston, NH

Stephen Judd

On the prowl...

03/27/2019 - New Boston

Stephen Judd

Fall Flow

Stephen Judd


10/03/2018 - New Boston, NH

Stephen Judd

Honoring and remembering

New Boston, NH - 9/11/2018

Stephen Judd


Highland Lake - 8/24/2018

Stephen Judd

Build or Buy?

1 min read

When It Comes to Software, Should You Build or Buy?

Ultimately, whether your org should build or buy depends on a constellation of factors: how integral the solution is to your businesses’ core value, how much or little you will need to control and innovate, what your talent picture, timeline, and budget looks like, and what your post-launch maintenance plan is.